Supra Changeover to New Equipment

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About this event:

Created by sheilaf

We will be receiving new, larger and more advanced lockboxes, the iBox BT LE.  Please remember to turn in your inventory list (by serial number of the lockboxes that you currently have, indicating any that are damaged or lost) to Ami Daniels by August 30, 2017.

All lockboxes must be returned for inventory purposes whether working, non-working or damaged.  Be prepared to swap lockboxes on September 25.  There will be a one for one exchange.


We are also are moving from the ActiveKey to the XpressKey and eKey (which works from your cell phone and does not require phone service to operate and does not require an additional key fob).

Serial numbers for the eKey and XpressKey have to be preordered.

Please email Ami Daniel, AE at  by August 31, 2017 to indicate your choice of an XpressKey or an eKey.


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